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10 Feb 2010 / former_easa_blog

The Day After Tomorrow!

So the deadline for workshops is the day after tomorrow. Unlike the film of the same name this should prove to be really good.

We’ve been working with quite a few teams putting workshop proposals together, answering questions, giving feedback – little things to hopefully make the process run a bit more smoothly.

But imagine if someone did all that work and then forgot to submit it! Disaster!

So don’t forget.

The deadline is midnight Friday, the selection will then take about a week of arguing and the successful entries will be announced on the following Friday.

We will be announcing the workshops at the preview evening of EASA: An Exhibition at easaHQ on Friday, the last night of SESAM010 MCR. We will e-mail all the applicants that night to let them know if they were or weren’t successful. We’ll then circulate the list in one of our newsletters the following week, and around that time the chosen ones will appear on our website.

I am so excited I could pop.

It’s great to see all the effort going in to putting the proposals together, so it will be a tough selection process for the UK team – which is great for easa010.

So – don’t forget to submit you proposals to:

If you haven’t started work on a proposal, this is your last chance for 2010. Make a big ol’ pot of black coffee, no sleep for 2 nights and bang something out the way only a student of architecture can!

We wish good luck to all the applicants, now wish the 30 or so of us luck in coming to some kind of decision(!)

posted by chris – manchester
Wed, 10 Feb 2010 16:32:09 GMT

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