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easa – European Architecture Students Assembly

2010 Manchester, UK
2009 Val Camonica, Italy
2008 Letterfrack, DUBLIN, Ireland
2007 ELEFSINA, Greece, “city_index”
2006 BUDAPEST, Hungary, “köz:hely – common:place”
2005 BERGÜN, Switzerland, “trans – transit- transition”
2004 ROUBAIX, France
2003 FRILAND, Denmark
2002 ISLAND OF VIS, Croatia
2001 DEREKOY,Turkey, “no theme”
2000 ANTWERP/ROTTERDAM, Belgium/Holland, “DisSimiliarities”
1999 KAVALLA, Greece “”
1998 VALLETTA, Malta, “Living on the edge”
1997 “Advancing Architecture”, Scandinavia
1996 MONTPELLIER, France, “DreamBuilders”
1995 ZAMOSC, Poland, “Beyond the borders”
1994 LIEGE, Belgium, “Consommer l’inconsumable”
1993 SANDWICK, Scotland, “The Isle”
1992 ÜRGÜP, Turkiye, “Vision 2000 Environment”
1991 KOLOMNA, USSR, “Regeneration”
1990 KARLSKRONA, Sweden, “Exploration”
1989 MARSEILLE, France, “Heritage et creativé”
1988 BERLIN, Germany, “The dimension between”
1987 HELSINKI, Finland, “Architecture and nature”
1986 TORINO, Italy, “Architecturi latenti”
1985 ATHENS, Greece, “Interpretation and action in the city”
1984 AARHUS, Denmark, “Turning point in architecture”
1983 LISBOA, Portugal, “Social Spaces”
1982 DELFT, Netherlands, “Architecture of an uncertain future”
1981 LIVERPOOL, England, “Starting up the easa experience”



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  1. Giovanna / Feb 2 2013


    my name is Giovanna Bellini and i partecipated at EASA meetings in Urgup in 1992, Shetland Island in 1993 and Liege 1994. In Liege I was tutor: my workshop name was “Ethnic Jewellery and Cerimonial Ornaments made with industrial metal scrap”. I was good friend of one of the organizers: Bogdan Bogdanov.

    I’m searching for pictures and documentation of those Easa meetings.

    Can you help me?

    Thank you!

    Giovanna Bellini

  2. Herve Huens / Jun 23 2013

    Hi Giovanna,
    I remember you quite well. As i Was close friend to bogdan….. But got no pictures from that nice summer time.
    I lost contact with Bogdan 4 or 5 years later.
    Did you find any pictures from your post?
    A couple of them are available from flicker on web search.
    Please let me know if you ve got any
    Take care
    Hervé (press contact of easa 1994)

  3. GiovannaBellini / Aug 12 2013

    Dear Hervé,

    so nice to hear from you, i do remember you and i thank you to contact me.

    I have not found any picture and would be pleased to know where you say i can find them.

    How are you my friend? I’m doing very well, my life is wonderful, i live in a community of 30 people in Italy in the country side, i work with ceramics, recycled metals and runes, i have two wonderful daugthers and everything is amazing. Here is where i live and work:

    and this is the catalog of my recent work with recycled metal:

    my websites:

    hope to hear from you soon


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