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20 Jan 2012 / Ville Mellin

CLEA contact person


we’re having “serious” problems in contacting CLEA-people. The e-mail address doesn’t answer. Does someone know who is the contact person? And how has the communication with clea been in previous years? (easy, difficult, etc?)





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  1. Fran / Jan 20 2012

    Hi Ville,
    The CLEA NC has been yearly changing over the past EASA editions. ‘Mauricio Salmeron’ is the person that made some promotion in latin America and managed the applications last year, although in the end he could not come to easa011. His email address is the one you have, but it might happen that he does not check it very often these days. Try FB.


  2. Ronan Kenny / Jan 21 2012

    i’ve asked my friend in clea to find out who’s next in charge. be in touch.

  3. Ronan Kenny / Jan 28 2012

    I got in touch with Mauricio on Facebook. He says the new CLEA NC is María Eugenia Ledo from Argentina and she will be checking

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