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12 Jul 2012 / marko

pivo-dino-SESAM (online)

“what the heck…?” if you don’t know what i’m talking about you might be too young – which means I am way too old for easa.

thats why i set this doodle in hope to start a spontaneous online pivo-dino-SESAM (google+ hangout) next week, are u in?
would be nice to meet up again!
forwarding this link to other dinos appreciated…

have fun,

PS: maybe someone of the organizers of wasteland could manage to tune in live from easa-land! would be nice

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  1. marko / Jul 16 2012

    Okay, set: Thursday, 19th July, 2012 at 21:00
    pivo-Dino-SESAM will be held @google+ hangout

    we didn’t manage to settle EASA-on-a-plane but eventually a SESAM in space…

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