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28 Nov 2012 by marko

new drive for the blog

I’m happy to announce the new man with super-powers concerning the website is Nick Bolkvadze
Great we found someone to give the easa website new drive…

all the best,

02 Nov 2012 by marko

an EASA Organizer – 10yrs later

You should definitely check out this video about a TED talk of Kasper. He was one of the organizers of EASA 2003 in Friland, Denmark…

19 Jul 2012 by anniabf642

Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

The Anti-Counterfeiting Barter Contract (ACTA), is a multinational accord for the duration of the purpose of establishing international standards for intellectual paraphernalia rights enforcement. The settlement aims to enact an worldwide acceptable framework for targeting counterfeit goods, generic medicines and copyright infraction on the Internet, and would spawn a novel governing body fa‡ade existing forums, such as the The human race Buy Plan, the Crowd Intellectual Feature Design, or the United Nations.
The concurrence was signed in October 2011 nearby Australia, Canada, Japan, Morocco, Altered Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, and the Synergistic States. In 2012, Mexico, the European Ring and 22 countries which are colleague states of the European Gang signed as well. No signatory has ratified (formally approved) the understanding, which would come into force after ratification by six countries. After passage into operative, the treaty would only apply in those countries that ratified it.
Supporters take described the bargain as a response to “the inflate in global m‚tier of spurious goods and pirated copyright protected works”. Trades Unions representing workers in the music, steam and TV industries and large bookish property-based organizations such as the Submission Facsimile Association of America and Pharmaceutical Scrutiny and Manufacturers of America were busy in the agreement”s development.
Opponents rumour the convention adversely affects fundamental rights including freedom of voicing and privacy. ACTA has also been criticised at near Doctors Without Borders for endangering access to medicines in developing countries. The private essence of negotiations has excluded civilized society groups, developing countries and the general worldwide from the concord”s compact activity and it has been described as policy laundering close critics including the Electronic Extremes Basis and the Entertainment Consumers Association.
The signature of the EU and divers of its member states resulted in the compliance in kick of the European Parliament”s appointed chief investigator, rapporteur Kader Arif, as grammatically as widespread protests across Europe. In 2012 the newly-appointed rapporteur, British MEP David Martin, recommended against the treaty, stating: “The intended benefits of this supranational harmony are undoubtedly outweighed close the potential threats to public liberties”. On 4 July 2012, the European Parliament rejected ACTA in plenary period, with 478 voting against the entente, 39 in favour and 165 MEPs abstaining.

13 Jul 2012 by xlab

internship in china

Internship available in China

Feel free to forward this :-)

Internship in China

 Shenzhen  Li Ruilin Art Design Co. Ltd. is an interior desing office offering a wide range of services including project management, project consulting, interior design, construction planning as well as graphical solutions.. Since the founding of the office in 1996, more than 100 projects in 20 provinces have been realized. Our two subsidiaries are in Hangzhou and Shanghai.

Now we are looking for interns in the field of interior design, graphic design and layout.

You bring :

  • –        CAD, photoshop kowledge
  • –        3D MAX
  • –        fluent english
  • –        new design ideas from europe
  • –        expertise: either in the main study phase or work experience in the field of interior design
  • –        interest in China and Chinese culture
  • –        adaptability
  • –        communication skills

We offer:

  • –        intership duration of at least 6 months
  • –        a room in a flat, furnishes and free of charge
  • –        one month paid break
  • –        3000 RMB  (about 385 Euro) intership salary
  • –        the flight tickets (round trip)

Period of intership:

  •  from 1th March to 31. August (sommer-intership)
  • from 1th September to 28th February (winter-intership)

If you are interested in this intership, please send your cover letter and resume with photo in german or in english until 15th July or 15th January to this mailaddress: mail[at]szlrl[dot]com. If you want to know more about our office, just visit our homepage

We are looking forward to your application!

This Intership offer is valid in the long term!


Internship in China

Internships in China available

12 Jul 2012 by marko

pivo-dino-SESAM (online)

“what the heck…?” if you don’t know what i’m talking about you might be too young – which means I am way too old for easa.

thats why i set this doodle in hope to start a spontaneous online pivo-dino-SESAM (google+ hangout) next week, are u in?
would be nice to meet up again!
forwarding this link to other dinos appreciated…

have fun,

PS: maybe someone of the organizers of wasteland could manage to tune in live from easa-land! would be nice

11 Jul 2012 by paradeiser

Facebook connect


having issues with Facebook to connect (single-sign-on)?

please drop me a line:

sorry for the inconvenience,

16 Jun 2012 by marko


site has been updated to WP 3.4


11 Mar 2012 by modernizer


Please, tell me how I can contact with manager of international relations or somebody else dealt with current participation in EASA in Helsinki. I need to talk to them ASAP

05 Mar 2012 by Yvonne Michel

trans 21 Call for contributions: “in order”

Zurich, 16 February 2012. trans is a semi-annual professional journal of the Department of Architecture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETHZ and has been managed by an independent student editorial team since 1997. The journal addresses current issues in architecture and urban development from a variety of perspectives, such as the humanities, politics, philosophy and the arts. trans thus sees itself as a platform for interdisciplinary discourse. Order provides us with a sense of structure and security. It helps us integrate impressions and information and to store objects systematically. Order is also a strategy for coping in a world that is becoming more and more complex and changing faster and faster. «Space and light and order. Those are the things that people need as much as they need bread or a place to sleep.» (Le Corbusier) However, order can result in standstill, monotony, boredom, and something alien or even hostile to existence.

Architecture and urban planning create order that does not always consider the needs of individuals and society. The division of functions in modernist urban planning is a classic example of this. And increasing social segregation currently attests to the potential dangers of too much order. What are the global effects of order that has been designed and built by a select few? In this era of individualism and radical social change, do we now instead need a ‹new order›? Can order prevail even in chaos? «The task of art today is to bring chaos into order.» (Theodor W. Adorno) Is order perhaps an obstacle, a cage, that limits our horizons?

What does it mean to be ‹in order›? In German, it also means that something is okay. But is that enough? A compromise? The end result of a vision and its realization? The theme of <trans21> provides a forum to explicitly explore what is not in order in today’s architecture and what we should do about it. Is ‹in order› or ‹okay› something we should strive for or is it merely a consolation prize?

We are interested in fostering discussion of different positions, directions, and perspectives. The form of contributions to this discussion can be diverse, ranging from scientific articles, personal essays, comments, and portraits to illustrations, photo series, or collages, depending on the content. We welcome a short description of your proposed submission in the form of an abstract. This should be no longer than one DIN A4 page or 600 words, possibly supplemented with a few pictures. Please send us your abstract to the e-mail address below by March 25, 2012. The final contribution is due by May 27, 2012. <trans21> will be available in selected bookstores in September 2012.

download call:

kind regards

HIL D 32
ETH Hönggerberg
8093 Zürich
Tel.: + 41 44 633 27 61

02 Mar 2012 by Eva Magnisali


hello to all easians!

I would like to inform that you can find all the info about sesam_012_rhodes(12/5-20/5) on the blog

keep in mind that the deadline date for sending your workshop proposals is the 15th of March and for participants applications the 25th of March!Share the love!

Can’t wait to see you in Rhodes! xx



20 Jan 2012 by Chris Maloney

Some relevant news stories

Hi all, today I came across two international stories that made me think about recent talking points in EASA.



This is a story of a newspaper faced with the problem of not being able to print in the face of their biggest ever story.


This is a story of The Island Games.  It’s a collection of 24 small islands (not like the UK or Ireland or something), that hold their own version of the Olympics.  They’ve been at it for about the same length of as EASA has been on the go, but recently they’ve seen an arms race in terms of bidding to host the event (sound familiar?) and this year they have decided to dump the bidding process all together.  Perhaps not a model for EASA, but interesting to follow non the less.

20 Jan 2012 by Ville Mellin

CLEA contact person


we’re having “serious” problems in contacting CLEA-people. The e-mail address doesn’t answer. Does someone know who is the contact person? And how has the communication with clea been in previous years? (easy, difficult, etc?)




11 Jan 2012 by paradeiser


hi there

has been a while since the last post
i had to do some serious changes under the hood of this site
please give me feedback if you can log in (also with facebook) and post / comment.

if you experience problems ping me via @prdsr

have fun,

01 Nov 2011 by Yvonne Michel

SESAM 2012 Switzerland

My dearest EASA friends: on our EASA CH Blog, you will, from now on, find infos for the SESAM 2012 in switzerland : Spread the L ♥ ve!

27 Oct 2011 by Ronan Kenny

EASA013 – Slovenia!

and INCM012 in Vienna – Congratulations !

News just in from INCM011_Baku_Azerbaijan

Slovenia will host the European Architecture Student Assembly in 2013

Malta were the underbidders – keep up the easa spirit for next time!

Same goes for the Glaswegians, see you in Finland!

EASA012 will be in Helskinki