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08 Aug 2004 / former_easa_blog

le petit cinema @ condition publique

”for the first time, we are witnessing the emergence of a “global civil society” represented by nongovernmental organizations, which are often active in several countries and communicate across borders…..whose vision is based on the respect of human dignity, the ethics of sustainability and an ecological view of the world”
wrote fritjof capra in “the hidden connections” (2002)

this was le petit cinema number 3 (night 3? of EASA
) ; the first one put on inside the condition publique; to the EASAians, as it was more important for us to work with the outside world, get more involved
after that undercurrents “globalisation and the media” went on
then planxty to cool down

imc mayday, provoked huge debate, including people from nicaragua and el salvador; countries that really have felt the pain of unfair trade rules and the force of the US war machine

more stories and films and le petit cinema @ the streets of dublin to come

little by little

EASA and the architectural community are in a position to improve things
for the most part i do not like these communities as they are not interested in trying to really change things

those working for global justice are the ones that inspire me; it is a pleasure to work with them, it is only a matter of time before the ark community realise whats going on, or what went on,
hopefully they wont just read about it in books but they will actually be part of the growing network that is changing the world

allez les pirates

if you need to find out more about what my views are you can watch the 34 seconds longFUSPEY film manifesto,

posted by duncan
Sun, 08 Aug 2004 11:51:30 GMT

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