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11 Mar 2012 / modernizer


Please, tell me how I can contact with manager of international relations or somebody else dealt with current participation in EASA in Helsinki. I need to talk to them ASAP


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  1. paradeiser / Mar 15 2012

    did you try
    or ?


    btw: who is ‘I’ ?

  2. modernizer / Mar 15 2012

    Dear Paradeiser! I tried but nobody answered.
    I is me))) kinda future partisipator but I’m afraid, I won’t come due to some probs.

  3. pekka / Mar 17 2012

    howdy modernizer, here’s wastelands. what was your concern? i’d say we’ve replied to all the e-mails, but perhaps we’ve missed yours! or it’s disappeared in the vast robotic world of internet. you can mail me (pekka.ijas(at) about whatever you’re worried about – if you wish to.


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