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28 Apr 2010 / former_easa_blog

What’s that, didn’t get a place at easa010?

Didn’t get in to easa010 yet?

Hey hang on, ‘yet’?

That’s right, it’s not over yet, there is one more way to attend – DOCU+MATION.

easaUK2010 is pleased to announce the second competition workshop of easa010, DOCU+MATION.

An important part of EASA is the documentation of the event. This year EASA is running a competition for places in a dedicated documentation and information gathering workshop:

DOCU+MATION will cover every aspect of easa010 in the mediums of film, photography and whatever else the participants can conceive. Remember that the assembly will have 400+ people involved, so think about means of data collection also.

The workshop is looking for 8 participants and 2 tutors. To apply for DOCU+MATION return the completed application form to along with examples of work in your chosen medium.

Unlike all other easa010 workshops participants will be applying for this workshop ONLY, there is no choice to change workshops once at easa010.

Documentation plus Information equals DOCU+MATION

posted by chris – manchester
Wed, 28 Apr 2010 11:07:21 GMT

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