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21 Jul 2010 / former_easa_blog

easa010 Welcome Book

Hello everyone!

The Welcome Guide has (finally) been released ten days before you arrive! This will give you all the information you need before you arrive.

It is available on-line here: ><. You can view it online or download it to view at your lesuire.

We have put it online because:
- the cost of printing 500 60-page documents is too high for us
- our mantra is reduce, reuse, recycle. no printing means no damaging inks or waste of paper
- we can link to a whole host of extra information on the web that will be of interest but is too varied to put in one document. Roam around, there are hyperlinks dotted about all over.

We will have a small and concise printed document for you when you arrive, but will not have as much info as this.

Read it, get excited, be prepared for awesomeness.

Alex x

posted by aem
Wed, 21 Jul 2010 14:25:18 GMT

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