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23 Jul 2010 / former_easa_blog

National evening?

I understand that this year, the national evening is changed.
I have always enjoyed the national evening, and I find that it is a very important part of easa. What I really enjoy is to see how proud people are when representing their culture. This is where everyone brings a little something they think is a important part of being slovenian, spanish, irish etc.

When we are being told to represent another country, you take away that pride and care for the presentation. Ofcourse one will do their best to represent the chosen country, but it is not a sencere feeling. It is a imitation. And national evening is not about imitating. What is the outcome? When walking around at the national-evening from stand to stand, I will only see what I would find after 5 minutes on wikipedia and google. It is not tiramisu “like mama made it” it is a tiramisu-recipe found on google. That is not identity!

I hope you will reconsider the decision and let people show their pride in their identity and culture, from old to new countries.

posted by davidjessen
Fri, 23 Jul 2010 08:32:14 GMT

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