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16 Aug 2010 / former_easa_blog


hello dear people,
this was my first easa, and it will definitely not be my last one!!
thank you everyone!!! despite all the ups and downs, i enjoyed a lot to be part of easa!
on my way back home i was thinking about everything. and i
would like to share a video with you: it is a commercial by a german building-supplies-store (maybe they could sponsor easa at some point???!). in german the title means, ENDLESS HOUSE.

anyways, their movie reminds me very much of the EASA SPIRIT.
i hope we can all learn out of the experience in this easa and maintain the idea, that the founders of easa started.

all the best to you!!!
hugs, selma alihodzic.

posted by SelmaAlihodzic
Mon, 16 Aug 2010 22:00:52 GMT

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