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03 Sep 2011 / Chris Maloney

INCM 2011 – Lost countries

Hey INCM people.  I have contact with a university in Northern Ireland, do you have a web site or anything to point them too.  I’m a pretty convincing guy but it’s quite a lot of money to ask people to pay for flights with only a Facebook page to prove it’s real…

I posted this so everyone can see and coment, but I’ll email you the contact details I have.


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  1. ama / Sep 3 2011

    Just a thought: seeing as though there are currently only three lost countries – Iceland, Northern Ireland and Wales – would it not be prudent to offer students of these countries free participation (ie no fees). If you are attempting to get at least one person from each country, it would be a big incentive to attract new participants/future NCs, especially bearing in mind travel costs.

    *This may be a facebook-type discussion but it is as good as dead…

  2. Conor / Sep 3 2011

    This is great, finally representation from the North! I would definitely recommend the journey to the INCM, it will be a life-changing experience.


    ex-easa 03/04/05/07/08/09

  3. Fran Rodriguez Perez / Sep 6 2011

    Chris, I don’t think there is an incm011 website yet, however in the incm011 emails signature ‘Nergiz Ibrahimova’ seems to be the person dealing with the website. Since not everyone is regularly entering this website, it might be wise to drop her an email.

  4. Chris Maloney / Sep 7 2011

    Contact has been made, I’m fairly hopefull we’ll have Northern Ireland at Wastelands, but maybe not INCM this year.

    Does anyone have contacts in Wales or Iceland?

  5. Fran Rodriguez Perez / Sep 8 2011

    I’m working on getting someone from the architecture studies at ‘the Iceland Academy of the Arts’ into incm011, but the process is going very slow…

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