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19 Aug 2011 / Chris Maloney


Three little pigs / Ronan Kenny ran a presentation thing in Cadiz about networks – we’re all part of EASA, which is a network, but most of us are also part of other networks back home.  So here are a couple of things EASAians might like to have a look at:

This is a magazine I started last year.  I don’t have creative input to the magazine, each issue has a guest editor, issue_05 is our very own Fran Rodriguez Perez!  Check it out, then please print it leave it where people can find it (and mail me a photo of it address on the website)

Also pretty cool are Blank Media Collective, the people that took over 43 Hulme Street aka easaHQ

They have an art prize that is worth promoting, check it out, get something in and you could win money.  For real.


Let’s keep it going, add networks that you know about to this thread.

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