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22 Jun 2011 / Yvonne Michel

UMBRELLA . EASANewspaper 2011

UMBRELLAworkshop is calling for submissions for our Newspaper, In Cadiz@EASA Spain 2011!

Be.creativ . Be.Coast . De.Coast .


—>on 01JUL11 we are gonna start the EASA 011 . WORKSHOP REVIEW COUN-TOWN on

if u are ready, we are.

L ♥ VE
yvy. max. cec.



MORE infos:

UMBRELLA has been the longest existing Workshop in EASA (European Architecture Students Assembly), being there every summer and producing Newspapers with fresh news, experiences, insights every day during the Summer Assembly. The printed paper consists interviews, workshop reviews, daily routine examining, presenting participants, organizers and tutors, and of course the fun part – party flashbacks, galleries, gossip.

We are trying to bring back EASANewspaper even during the year, as it wa 10-15 years ago. Everyone who is interested in putting up a concept for collecting news about EASA, Architecture in general, join in and contact us via email.


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